Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What I'm Reading

"Rainy days were for writing letters to my friends who had migrated north to summer camps in Ontario."
Birds Art Life
Kyo Maclear

Monday, February 27, 2017

Good Things

1. Moonlit cactus stamps.
2. Always, always finding bits of nature. (Even in the city.)
3. Listening to this all week long.
4. Pizza called tropic thunder.
5. Spring weather/jacket-less bike ride to the beach/sculptures in the sand/snacks on park benches.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Desert Wanderlust

Desert Wanderlust is a super cute tiny gift shop on the main street in Palm Springs.  I'm happy to report that you can now find my vintage American domestic stamp packs there!  The spin is each pack has a cactus postage stamp.  If you love the desert/California/handmade this shop is a must-visit on your Palm Springs list!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Good Things

1. Waffles for lunch on a weekday.
2. First slice of crack pie. (Salty-sweet heaven!)
3. Super springy long weekend.
4. Microadventures in town. The Bluffs + Rattray Marsh. Plus a picnic by the lake.
5. Girls + Lena's podcast.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Podcast Love

When I started making my little postage stamp packs I’d always, always put on an episode of The French Chef.  (SoufflĂ© anyone? How to make an omelette?)  It seemed like Julia Child cheerfully cooking away was my chosen companion while assembling the postage packs. 

But then these things called podcasts came into my life.  Every once in a while I go back to Julia and her croissants or mousse au chocolat but for the most part I’m a podcast die-hard now.  I listen when I’m in stamp mode but also when I’m running, taking long walks or just plain old dusting the floors.

I adore Spilled Milk for their silliness. 
Slow Your Home chills me out. 
Pure Green makes me think more mindfully.  And, heck, it introduced me to zero waste living.
And the Bon Appétit Foodcast gives me ideas about what to make for dinner. (Roasted cauliflower!)

Tell me your favourites!  I’m always up for trying out new ones.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Good Things

1. Lemon tart with popcorn ice cream at the Drake 150.
2. Writing letters under blankets.
3. Really, really big snowflakes.
4. Read Milk Bar Life. Inspired to create a little cornflake no-bake of our own. (Melt dark chocolate. Add a spoonful of PB. Mix in corn flakes, almonds + dried cranberries. Scoop out little clusters onto a tray + refrigerate.)
5. Flamingos on stamps.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Palm Springs Forever

December is for sunshine.

The past two years we’ve been lucky enough to go south for an entire month.  Last year: The Gulf Coast in Florida.  This year: Palm Springs.

We planted our regular life into the sunny California desert.  It wasn’t burning-hot-wear-a-swimsuit-everyday weather.  It was more jeans + t-shirts (with jackets at night).  Kinda just what we needed.

The highlights:

Hummingbirds + juniper bushes + an orange tree right outside our kitchen door.

Bought cruiser bikes on Craigslist.  Loved them to death.  Sold them to a sweet New Zealand couple a few days before we left.

Poolside lunches.  (Most often included homemade guacamole, jicama drizzled with lemon juice + salt + pepper, green smoothies made with our tiny blender.)

Farmer’s markets, runs past dreamy mid-century modern houses, reading library books til the sun drops behind the mountain, achy legs from hiking.

Scrabble at Customs Coffee.

Swiss Donuts (that always came with extra mini donut holes on the house) + date shakes.

Hot pink sunsets + hot tubs.

Really small lizards on dusty hot trails.

Patsy Cline with homemade dinners.

Discovered a for-real French bakery.  Hello baguettes! 

Four days spent hiking in Joshua Tree National Park.  Favourite cactus: The cholla.  Favourite hike: Ryan Mountain.  With many PB + J sandwiches eaten on rocks.  Also: Palm oases really do exist!

Strong, rich espresso at The Real Italian Deli.

Hiked a very small portion of the Pacific Crest Trail.  (Wild dreams come true!)

Oh, and if you want to get rad postcards this is where to go:
Desert Wanderlust, The Ace Hotel, CVS Pharmacy (like for real!).

P.S. There are a few sets of these insanely cute cactus stamps in my shop!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Outgoing Mail

Every few weeks we pop over to the Drake Hotel for food parties hosted by our friend Ivy.  Some of our favourites have been the corn on the cob roast, guacamole battle, watermelon eating contest and chips + dip night.  This Monday it's a white Russian battle.  Should be a goodie!

The monthly line-up is always printed into cute postcards.  The February postcard is already in the mail to a dear friend.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Good Things

1. A morning spent with sculptures + paintings.
2. Hot chocolate + meeting a penpal for the first time after so many years.
3. The Feast Nearby. (Memoir + recipes = my kind of book)
4. West coast bird/flower stamp collections.
5. Taking long, cold, make-you-feel-alive walks in the city.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Pizza + Writing Love Notes

Two things I really, really adore: pizza and writing love notes.  

One of my favourite pizzerias in town has the cutest postcards.  (Cheers to them for printing postcards!)  My husband and I took a little mid-week break for a snowy walk and lunch out.  Sometimes you get lucky and have a killer pizza/arugula pear salad/strong espresso/almond biscotti lunch AND a postcard that comes along with your bill.  This is definitely subbing in for one valentine this month!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Vintage American Postage Packs

I'm happy to now offer vintage American domestic postage stamp packs.  Each pack contains 49 cents value - enough to mail a letter within the USA.  Always colour co-ordinated for a beautiful combination.  This is the sweetest way to dress up your outgoing mail!