Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sally Armstrong's Stamp Collection

Stamp collecting was once a for-real hobby.  Gardening and bird-watching and painting are still kicking but it seems that there are fewer and fewer stamp collecting hobbyists out there. 

“Stamp collecting expands the scope of your world and helps you to discover faraway places and peoples.” Harris Explorer World-Wide Postage Stamp Album

While out on a meandering walk yesterday I dropped by my local Little Free Library and found this incredible stamp collection.  It belonged to Sally Armstrong.  Her name written in ballpoint pen on the cover.  A 1970s gem left in an attic for many years.  And the most delightful surprise for me.  I think I’ll be pouring over it for days and days.

P.S. I think Sally had a thing for Australia, New Zealand and the UK as those pages are filled to the brim!


  1. I still have my stamp album from the 70s :) I remember accompanying my mother to the basement of a library, where people would swap stamps. I just spent my time wandering and reading upstairs in the library.
    When my mom sends me mail, she uses her old stamps, from her album. The post office rarely cancels them.....

    1. That's such a sweet story! I love how your mom still uses her old collected stamps to send letters today!