Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Magnolia Crate

When I was little I always, always adored birthday party loot bags.  The tiny surprises held inside delighted me every time.  Magnolia Crate is like a (gorgeous!) grown-up version of the loot bag.  Every month a collection of darling greeting cards arrives in your mailbox.  Ready for you to send out a few letters and love notes.  You can’t beat it!  From their website > “There’s something about receiving a hand addressed letter, a beautifully colored envelope, or a unique card that really moves us.”

Laura created Magnolia Crate last year and hasn’t looked back.  Living with her family just outside of DC she likes to send random handwritten greetings.  On her list of good things > anything coffee and supporting local businesses at the farmer’s market.  

The March crate cards > 

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