Monday, March 31, 2014

new postage rates

Today's the day.  Canada Post's new postage rate for domestic letters is now one dollar!  You can read more about the 2014 postage rates here.


I went to my local post office this morning and clarified the new rates.  Postage for domestic letters is one dollar when you buy a single stamp.  If you're using old postage the domestic rate is 85 cents.


  1. Ha new postage rates in the UK as well! Were they in cahoots I wonder? :)

  2. I talked to the postal clerk in my neighbourhood and he explained that though it costs $1 to buy a single stamp what you put on a stamp if you have postage is 85 cents. It's 85 cents to buy stamps in a package. It's confusing.

    1. It's definitely more confusing. Hopefully this is the last big increase for a while!

  3. I never got a letter or card from Canada! Loving them :)