Monday, June 11, 2012

good things

1. Moonrise Kingdom.  Best summer movie ever!
2. Watermelon citrus popsicle.
3. Blueberry pie.
4. Devouring Kitchen Confidential.
5. The Junction Flea.


  1. Jaime,
    No joke -- when I found Kitchen Confidential on Hulu, I watched every episode twice because I loved it so much! I love the dynamics between the male characters! So FUNNY!
    It's a pity they only made so few episodes!
    Have a blast!
    ~ Ms. Always Traveling

  2. I'm actually reading the book. I didn't know there was a series..

  3. I've been wanting to read Kitchen Confidential for years now. Also want to see Moonrise Kingdom. : )

  4. Yup! Look it up on!
    I actually didn't piut two and two together to recognise that the series was based off the books! You can conclude if it's as true to the book as one would hope!
    Cheers ---

  5. This all sounds so great!
    Still have to see Moonrise Kingdom.

  6. cuuuute blog. can't wait to start keeping up with you! and ohhh, i can't wait to see moonrise kingdom!!!