Thursday, May 31, 2012

the two dollar jubilee stamp

Sometimes Canada Post outdoes itself.  It did just that with this two dollar jubilee stamp!


  1. I love this stamp!!!! Out stamps in the UK totally suck compared to your stamps in Canada.

  2. Pretty!

    I was just in a post office, and I hadn't spotted that. I DID see some with this sort of engrave-y design for Michael J. Fox, and maybe Rick Hansen. Oh, and that Franklin set.

    Stamps and I are a new acquaintance, for collecting/choosing. I actually just bought the 100-set, and it was racoons this time, flowers last time. I typically pick up whatever's available between $30-70. I do a lot of fancy-work on my envelopes, and stamps are mostly an afterthought in the process. I watercolor my envelopes, and have a growing collection of A4 paper I use.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! You just can't beat engraving.

    William - the Michael J. Fox and Rick Hansen stamps aren't engraved or printed in the same way as this Jubilee stamp. This one is much more traditional, just the way stamps used to be made (like money still is, and like Queen Victoria's jubilee stamps from 1897 were). More info here:

  4. I just received the latest Canada Post catalog in the mail this week... and I immediately started Drooling over that stamp. Yes, it is so fabulous! Canada Post has truly outdone itself (themselves?)!

  5. Need to get me some of those!