Thursday, January 5, 2012

vintage Barbados

One of my favourite things to do when visiting Joseph's grandparents is to look through their old photo albums.  They have travelled far and wide.  And still do! They just returned from Hawaii (and they're in their late 80s!).  Grannie always seems to find some vintage postcards to give to me.  These beauties are from Barbados.

P.S. Thank you Danni of oh, hello friend for including Send More Mail on your swoon list!


  1. These are so cute. I have a couple of my own, however they are really vintage, as in they've been stamped, mailed and most importantly...written on!

  2. That one with the boats? I love it!!

  3. Love. I was born in Barbados, so these look a little like home to me (especially during the winter!) ;)

    Bottom right, Sam Lord's Castle - we spent many a day there. They used to have goat races on the beach!


  4. Hey Marisa. That's so neat that these postcards are places where you grew up! And beach goat races? Fun!

  5. The bottom right picture looks like Sam Lords Castle in Barbados, is that where it is? Also, is it still a hotel or has it changed into something else now? I stayed there many years ago but have not been there for a while.

    I love everything about Barbados.

  6. It sure is Sam Lord's Castle. Not sure about its current status though.