Tuesday, January 17, 2012

isavirtue stationery

How absolutely sweet is this collaboration between Kaitlyn and Kate?  These two talented gals created a limited edition stationery line to honour letter writing. Which is exactly what the stationery inspired me to do.  With the help of my trusty old typewriter of course!


  1. So cute! And with the dragon stamp! I love it :)

  2. wow! I like this charming stationary !
    A beautiful illustration to accompany words !
    and thank you for your beautiful flowery envelope :)

  3. Just letting you know that they now have lots and lots (a stack of panes) of the domestic Year of the Dragon stamps at the post office in the Guardian drug store on Queen just west of Jameson (w of Lansdowne)in Parkdale. Lots of the international ones too! I only bought 10.... maybe I need more... but what I really want is for people to send me letters with them on it....

  4. Thanks for letting me know Martha!