Monday, September 19, 2011

good things

1. Italy.  Two weeks and 2100 kilometers of roadtripping.  Turquoise water. Swimming daily.  Eating fresh artichokes, figs, watermelon and tomatoes. (And so much gelato!)
2. Vancouver.  One week and two shoots.  Sunny days and blackberry picking. Bowling and root beer.  Lovely late summer days on the west coast.
3. Baked a ginger cake.  Made honey granola.  Back in the kitchen.
4. The Wedding Co's fun afternoon with a talk by Abby of Style Me Pretty and a gallery opening.
5. Celebrated pal-sac's first birthday at Toronto's First Post Office.  Wrote a letter with quills and ink.  Sealed it with red wax.


  1. I got your Italia postcard! Thank you. I'm in love with that stamp.

  2. Yay! When the shopkeeper at the tobacconist took those stamps out I nearly died! Gorgeous!

  3. doesnt it always feel so good to be back in the kitchen after along time away? i love that.

  4. My, #1-Italy sounds like a dream!