Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shinzi Katoh

My love affair with Shinzi Katoh stationery continues.  I scooped up this set at The Paper Place pop-up shop a few weeks ago.  I love the sender-only details like the birds on the back of the envelope where the flap will eventually be sealed.  A little more Shinzi lovin' is on Merissa's blog.

After dinner last night, while strolling along Bloor, we came across the sweetest little gift shop.  Just You Sarah & Tom carries ultra cute pencils, erasers and notebooks.  We picked out an assortment of goodies for my cousin's youngins which were then wrapped with the utmost care - complete with stickers and heart-covered ribbons!


  1. I love Shinzi Katoh's style; it is whimsical & fun without being too childish :)

  2. thanks for posting on my blog. back atcha!

    glad to know of more paper mail appreciators out there.

    viva snail mail!

  3. Jaime this set that you scooped up at the Paper Place is sweet! Shinzi Katoh never fails to make one swoon <3 Mahalo for the shout out (^•^) xoxo

  4. I love him! Those little doves under the flap took my breath away.