Tuesday, May 24, 2011

good things

1. Victoria day fireworks.
2. Homemade Arnold Palmers.  Half ice tea, half lemonade.
3. It's officially hot.
4. Two new stamps: Parks Canada + Gemini.
5. Late-night Terroni take-out.


  1. most definitely good things. hot included. I hope you had a fun long weekend!

  2. Totally! We had two shoots so only one day off, but it's so nice to have a summery city again.

  3. Yes! Definitely agree that the 2011 Parks Canada stamps are a good thing. I picked up a pack when I was at the post office.

  4. Need to go get some Parks Canada stamps! Stopped off at a Shoppers today but it was one of the few here without a postal outlet. :(