Tuesday, February 22, 2011

purple + green

Recent order: purple and green stamp packs.  Thank you Felicity!

I'm off to the post office today to pick up the new Art Canada stamps.  I love going on the day of release.  It just feels right to get the stamps on their debut day!

P.S. Thank you for the sweet post Roz!


  1. Pretty as always! Your packaging is so cute!
    I can feel your excitement (^•^) Wish I were headed to our post office for new stamps, the USPS should do releases more often.

  2. Thanks girls!

    Merissa: Have you seen the USA forever stamps? They're so pretty!

  3. Jamie, yes. I recently got the Chinese New Year (kumquat) stamp and the Kansas stamp, both are forever stamps. I also have the pinecones. I love that the stamps say "Forever", it sounds quite romantic. (^•^)

  4. Merissa: Forever is such a sweet and romantic word for a stamp! I haven't seen the kumquat or Kansas stamps, but the pinecones are amazing!