Thursday, November 10, 2011

Korean stamps

Many years ago Joseph and I lived in Korea.  We taught English for a year just outside Seoul.  I remember LOVING the stamps and always sending beautiful letters to family and friends back home.  I received these stamps from Alice last week. Thanks for the rad souvenir Alice!


  1. I used to collect stamps and I always loved the foreign ones. Especially the ones from outside Europe. It seemed unreachable at that time and I felt so special when I had a stamp that came from that far.

  2. Ooh these are dee-lightful!
    So cool that you lived in Korea. I'm aching to go stationery shopping there! I looove Korean paper goods and stationery.
    I'm admiring your Korean postage...ooooh ^^

  3. I was a die-hard stationery shopper there. So many cute cards and sets!